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I want to start this off by saying that, while I appreciate what you were trying to do with the background, I'm not sure what the red a...

I really like the lighting on this piece, though I'm not sure what the rainbow-y bits on her right arm and chest are supposed to be. Th...

I'd like to preface this by saying that this is a really, really cool idea. I'm not usually one to give out five stars on anything. The...

I'd like to start this off by pointing out the lack of lower legs on the pictures. Normally, not a problem, but I feel like references ...

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I want to start this off by saying that, while I appreciate what you were trying to do with the background, I'm not sure what the red and green and things are. I'm assuming they're supposed to be roses, but they don't look very rose-like at all. I'm not sure, at all, what the area she's standing in is supposed to be.

Also, the lighting looks nice, but I'm not sure where it's coming from. (Front, back, the sides.) I feel like it's supposed to be coming from two directions, in which case you need to make two separate layers for each of the shadows.

I'm also not sure what's supposed to be going on with the anatomy here. The arms look wonky, and the hands look far too small. For the hands, you can scale up the sketch until it looks better, an for the arms you can use the 'T' method, where you draw the hands, draw the shoulders, and then sketch a line between them, with another line crossing through the center. The forearms and upper arms are the same length as the head (unless you're doing XXXHolic people).

Also, the legs are weirdly positioned so that it looks like she's missing a leg, and her neck connects to her head too far to the left. I also think that the odango on her head doesn't look connected like they should. (Also the loose hair should probably have a little more volume.)

The fuku looks nice, but there are too many random folds on the sleeves, and the bow looks like it's been propped out at an odd angle.

Also, the effects. They look nice, but they're a bit too prominent. I'm try easing up on, and varying the opacity on, the sparkles, and for the glitter effects as well.
I really like the lighting on this piece, though I'm not sure what the rainbow-y bits on her right arm and chest are supposed to be.

The cloak looks really pretty, and so does the rest of her clothing.

The hands and arms are starting to improve, but they still look spindly and strange.

While I like what you were going for with the shapes in the background, they look somewhat wonky. I want to say it's a result of slow strokes with a pen.

I also really like the color scheme here, though Barriss's skin looks greener than it is in canon, though I'm not sure if that's a trick of the lighting or what.
Rose The Thief
Another villain. She's a jewel theif who uses explosives disguised as flowers to break in and fight. (I really like how the shading came out on this one!)
1) Mustard or Mayo? Depends on the food. 

3) If you could become a real life pokemon trainer, what would be your starter? Rowlett 

5... No, I'm sorry, 4) Why did you decide to become a member of DA? Because it seemed fun.

5) What was/is your favorite 90's show? Iron Leaguer/Brave Police J-Decker  

6) Burgers or Hotdogs? Yes. 

7) What are your thoughts on a possible Deadpool 2 coming out? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

8) If you could live in an anime, which one would it be? Brave Police J-Decker (but Boku no Hero Academia would be cool if I got to have a quirk) 

9) What are your thoughts on a live action Five Night's At Freddy's movie? Not in the fandom, so IDC 

10) Was there ever something that you saw, read, or heard of that gave you the feels? The ending scene in the Les Mis movie. :,( 

Questions by :iconadamant543:

1. Who is your favorite YouTube music artist? JubyPhonic 

2. If you could live in any country you wanted with any job you wanted, where would you live and what would you do? IDK, maybe animation in a country that's not messed up? 

3. Which of your original characters is your favorite and why? IDK, Either Dartstrike or Sofie, simply because I keep coming back to them.

4. Out of all of everyone else's original characters, which one is your favorite and why? I can't choose favoriiittteeeesssss Q^Q

5. If you could be any species in Star Wars, what would you be?
…human? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

6. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Uh, no. 

7. You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you? *adjusts my own glasses* Try me. 

8. What if one of the glasses was for you and filled with your favorite drink? IDK. 

9. Earth, Fire, Air, or Water? Air 

12. If you could live in the universe of any fandom, which one would you like to live in?

Brave Police J-Decker… I guess.  

Questions by :iconcrimsonight:


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United States
I'm a proudly Christian homeschooler, writer, and artist. I have a bunch of stories on FanFiction, but I will put some stuff on here: mostly stuff like chat fics, reader inserts, and the like. Check out my buddy CoolSonicRules here and on FanFiction!

I have a webcomic called Starflight:

Stamp-Christian Scientist by Jazzy-C-Oaks (I should know, my Dad's a Christian scientist.)


Upon request, I will write a short story. It can be in first, second, or third person format, and I don't mind doing reader inserts. However, I cannot write lemons or limes, and swearing in the stories will be bleeped out. Also, I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I don't feel comfortable writing it.


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I've been doing some things IRL but not much. Maki Talking Icon 
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