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I'd like to preface this by saying that this is a really, really cool idea. I'm not usually one to give out five stars on anything. The...

I'd like to start this off by pointing out the lack of lower legs on the pictures. Normally, not a problem, but I feel like references ...

To start with, I think that the piece as a whole is incredible. The palette of purples and blues adds some excellent contrast to the li...

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I'd like to preface this by saying that this is a really, really cool idea. I'm not usually one to give out five stars on anything.

The coloring on this is really cool, though the background looks chaotic and rushed, and I'm not sure what the airbrush things on Rei's midriff are supposed to be. Vary your brush size when you shade, especially when shading areas like her breasts and neck versus armor bumps and the face.

The hands are a major area where things are out of whack. Go online and find some references, or have someone take a picture of you in a similar pose.

The arms are also a problem area. Her right arm (the one holding up the mask) has a forearm that's way too long. The arms are also too skinny, to the point of being disproportionate.

I really like her holding up Lilith's mask, and my only suggestion is that it would look cool if the eyes of the mask (and Rei's eyes) were glowing and the same color. Not really an issue per say, but I think it would make it look cooler.
I'd like to start this off by pointing out the lack of lower legs on the pictures. Normally, not a problem, but I feel like references should have the entire body on the page so you know what the entire outfit looks like, along with some side and back views.

The outfits are good for the most part, but I have serious issues with the enforcer outfit. Specifically, the chest armor.

I'd like to preface this by saying that I know she has really good healing abilities, but the way the armor's build makes no sense for defense, and not even the worldbuilding. The breastplate would probably be very uncomfortable, and without any shoulder supports it would probably slip constantly. (Ever worn a strapless bra? Imagine wearing a plastic one. Not fun, right?) Also, the molded breasts will deflect any blows to her sternum, which, healing factor or no, would hurt and be very annoying. Also, the lack of armor on her midriff is concerning for similar reasons. Plus, healing factor or no, someone could easily slice her in half.

I'd also like to mention that if her main weakness is being beheaded, she should have armor around her neck. Her hair is in her face, which would be dangerous during a fight, and why does she have armor on her upper legs but not her groin? It also doesn't make sense within the world she's in. That armor must be custom, but that would cost more credits than just giving her clone/stormtrooper armor that fits. Also, if she doesn't need armor because of her healing factor, why not just have her in her imperial officer's uniform?

The other outfits are sound (though they seem to have hyper-defined breasts as well), and the extras look a little wonky, though I myself have problems with helmets, and the problems with the grey lightsaber-looking thing could be solved with a ruler. For the gun, I recommend looking for some pictures of guns online, or using a water pistol as a reference.

TL;DR: I have serious problems with the enforcer armor and its logistics, and the fact that the references don't have feet. There's some wonkiness with the weapons, but those can be solved with practice, references, and rules, so it's not so bad.
To start with, I think that the piece as a whole is incredible. The palette of purples and blues adds some excellent contrast to the lighting of the piece. However the atmosphere is incredibly stylized, between the scattered glitter brush and the way the light of the moon falls on her, and while it looks good, the colors in the atmosphere blend together in a way that I have to describe as muddy.

The moon in the background doesn't really look like a moon. The softness of the brush it's colored with, the lack of detail on its surface, and the way it's shaped makes it look like a sun/star. In the future, I'd recommend using a sharper brush, and using a low opacity brush to draw craters and peaks on its surface. (Try looking up references of other planets and moons for this.)

The city in the background looks wonky. I'd attribute this to the lack of straight lines, the way the 'windows' are drawn, how they look identical, and the fact that some of the buildings are drawn over the others. It looks kinda bad, but you can improve it by using a ruler when inking the buildings, using references, and omitting the lines inside the buildings. If you want the windows, you can keep the lines for the farther off buildings, but for the closer ones you can make quick windows by coloring with the color the windows are supposed to be, and then drawing lines around it in the color of the building itself.

I have similar problems with the bridge. Use references and rulers to draw, and make sure the colors don't bleed over when you're coloring! The color and shape of the bridge also looks out of place in the romantic, shoujo-esque backdrop of the drawing. Try looking up fancy, romantic bridges and having some fun designing your own. (I’m fond of bridges covered in ivy, personally)

Revan herself looks very good! The lines are thin, clear, and concise, and the flow of the dress is beautiful! That being said, her face looks squashed into the lower half of her head, and her hands are small and wonky. Also, her arms are skinnier than her neck, which is a problem in general, and it's made more severe since she's supposed to be in the military. That being said, I know that proportions are hard to get right, and most art books encourage drawing women to look as delicate as glass, so it’s more of something to keep in mind than an actual criticism at this point.

As for the dress, it clings to her breasts in a way that’s only possible if it has special cloth socks for her breasts in place. Unless she’s wearing a fancy bra or swimsuit (or is naked :P), you can skimp on the definition on the breasts. The dress’s wrinkles and folds are also kind of busy, but again, that’s just something to keep in mind.

TL;DR: I think the piece is good conceptually, though there’s some issues with the background and proportions. I think this is mostly due to inexperience, and recommend getting a sketchbook from Walmart and doing as many art studies as it’ll hold. (Sorry for the walls of text, but I felt like I should be honest and painstaking so you know where and how to grow.)
1) Mustard or Mayo? Depends on the food. 

3) If you could become a real life pokemon trainer, what would be your starter? Rowlett 

5... No, I'm sorry, 4) Why did you decide to become a member of DA? Because it seemed fun.

5) What was/is your favorite 90's show? Iron Leaguer/Brave Police J-Decker  

6) Burgers or Hotdogs? Yes. 

7) What are your thoughts on a possible Deadpool 2 coming out? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

8) If you could live in an anime, which one would it be? Brave Police J-Decker (but Boku no Hero Academia would be cool if I got to have a quirk) 

9) What are your thoughts on a live action Five Night's At Freddy's movie? Not in the fandom, so IDC 

10) Was there ever something that you saw, read, or heard of that gave you the feels? The ending scene in the Les Mis movie. :,( 

Questions by :iconadamant543:

1. Who is your favorite YouTube music artist? JubyPhonic 

2. If you could live in any country you wanted with any job you wanted, where would you live and what would you do? IDK, maybe animation in a country that's not messed up? 

3. Which of your original characters is your favorite and why? IDK, Either Dartstrike or Sofie, simply because I keep coming back to them.

4. Out of all of everyone else's original characters, which one is your favorite and why? I can't choose favoriiittteeeesssss Q^Q

5. If you could be any species in Star Wars, what would you be?
…human? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

6. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Uh, no. 

7. You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you? *adjusts my own glasses* Try me. 

8. What if one of the glasses was for you and filled with your favorite drink? IDK. 

9. Earth, Fire, Air, or Water? Air 

12. If you could live in the universe of any fandom, which one would you like to live in?

Brave Police J-Decker… I guess.  

Questions by :iconcrimsonight:


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